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Car Repairs That Don't Require a Mechanic

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10 Common Car Problems You Shouldn’t Need a Mechanic to Fix

If you’re like many of us, you’re probably hesitant to effect any significant repairs on your vehicle, but this article by Tony Markovich for, will definitely change your mind, at least for some of the less technical tasks. Tony explains how learning to fix some things on your car can save you hundreds of dollars and will give you a better sense about your vehicle and knowledge when things do go wrong. He gives you the ten things that are actually easy enough to fix yourself if you have the right tools and a manual for your car. You’ll definitely want all the great tips and advice you’ll get from reading the full article here.

How to Start Work on Your Own Car

With wages and cost of living in direct opposition at times, it’s important to make your dollar go as far as you can. In this article by Bob for, he gives us some handy tips to save money in a very useful way and that’s by learning to work on your own car. By being able to repair your car, and fix at least some things by yourself, you’ll save a lot of money that you would have to pay for someone else to do it. In addition, you’ll be learning a useful skill that you can then put to work for you if needed. Between YouTube videos, local community classes and a good manual, you will be able to do many repair jobs on your vehicle yourself and not have to depend on AAA or a costly mechanic. Get all the great information by reading the full article here.

Stop Being a Coward and Fix Your Own Damn Car

If there’s always something stopping you from fixing your own vehicle, then you’ll probably love this article by Benjamin Preston for Benjamin gives us permission to at least try to fix our own cars, wherever we have to without a lot of fancy tools. While some repairs do require fancy tools, Benjamin would probably at least try to do it himself first. The article is filled with humor, funny occurrences and some smack talk for those folks who just can’t seem to fix their own car. He’s also included some funny photos that we can probably all related to in some way. Get your free laughs and lecture by reading the full article here.

The Car Repairs you Can (Seriously) do Yourself, Despite Your Abilities

From replacing your own brake pads, or drive belt, to changing your own oil and more, this article by Thorin Klosowski for provides detailed instructions and videos on many of the most basic repairs and maintenance items your car will require over its lifetime. The article provides a lot of basic information including terms you’ll need to know, tools you’ll need to have and how to find out the correct replacement part if you’re needing to buy something new. There’s a wealth of information here and you’ll want to read the entire article here to get it all. 

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