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Cadillac Escalade Halo Headlights

Oracle Halo Headlights for Cadillac Escalade

Your Cadillac Escalade would do great with the Oracle Halo Kits, which we at NFC Performance expertly offer. If your Escalade is from the period 2002-2011, then all you need to do is pick a color or give us a call if you need help- we offer you the best halo light prices available online. You will be able to purchase your chosen lights for a lower price than anywhere thanks to our Low-Price Guarantee. Your vehicle's halos will be fully covered as long as it is under your possession via the Lifetime Warranty. Your shopping experience on our website will be completely safe thanks to our SSL Security Encryption. We provide quality and all the comforts we can think of. This dedication of ours to the customer's satisfaction is highly regarded by The Better Business Bureau.

You will get to choose between the CCFL, LED and Plasma technologies when it comes down to Oracle headlights for your Cadillac Escalade. CCFL offers the best looks and the most modern of technological advancements. LED allows you to enjoy its superior brightness, its multi-colored halos options, and its remote control capability with strobing and flashing functions. Plasma combines many of the greatest advantages of CCFL and LED except remote control and multi-colored halos.