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Dodge Avenger Halo Headlights

Oracle Halo Headlights for Dodge Avenger

The Dodge Avenger is one of the newest Dodge vehicles and fortunately it is also one of the most acclaimed by both critics and fans. If you own one it would be a great idea if you update your new vehicle with some great light kits. NFC Performance, the best online provider of Oracle Halo Kits will be able to suit your needs immediately provided your Avenger was made in the six years between 2007 and 2014. You will receive from us the highest quality of products, the best prices, the most comfortable warranty coverage, and an excellent secure shopping experience protecting your online information. All of that will be possible through our Low-Price Guarantee, Lifetime Halo Manufacturer's Warranty, and our website's SSL Security Encryption.

As far as it goes for the light kits, you will be able to add either the CCFL halos or the Plasma halos to your Dodge Avenger. The CCFL halos are most famous for their spectacular appearance in combination with their highly economic efficiency, whereas the Plasma halos will bring you the best advantages of the CCFL technology and the LED technology with its ultra-bright output lights and stunning color vibrancy.