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GMC Sierra Halo Headlights

GMC Sierra Halo Headlights from
Oracle Lighting and LED Concepts

The GMC Sierra is the serious truck for people who want to haul some serious loads. If you've ever wished that your headlights could boast the same good looks as the rest of your truck, Oracle Halo Kits is one of the most popular after-market modifications made specifically for the Sierra. These kits sport the glowing eyes appearance you might have noticed on certain vehicles. The original CCFL kits popularized this look with their solid rings of light and multiple color options that led to nicknames like “Angel Eyes” and “Demon Eyes.” LED kits are a more recent version that makes use of recent advances in lighting technology to produce more light without draining your battery. These kits make options like Dual-Color and ColorSHIFT possible for switching between colors and creating programmable effects with a remote control. PLASMA kits combine CCFL's solid ring of light with the brightness of LED to combine the best of both worlds and make your Sierra the one that stands out with its brilliantly glowing headlights.