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Honda Element Halo Headlights

Oracle Halo Headlights for Honda Element

The Honda Element has become your compromise between the large family van with tons of room and that sensible vehicle that makes for a good commute. If you've ever considered giving it a radical new paint job just to make your Element more noticeable while taking that road trip, Oracle Halo Kits are a popular after-market modification with people just like you for their ability to replace your Element's standard headlights with the glowing eyes appearance you might have noticed on those cool cars. CCFL kits provide the original unbroken band of light that popularized this look and can pump out the light necessary to cut through dark or rainy conditions. You can choose from several color options to pick the kit that matches your Element's color or that future paint job you're still determined to get. Your Element can transform from that sensible family vehicle to that one with the radical new customization that gets you noticed in broad daylight or during a moonless night with those “glowing eye” headlights.