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Infiniti G35 Halo Headlights

Oracle Halo Headlights for Infiniti G35 Vehicles

The 2003-2008 Infiniti G35 is known for its subtle handsomeness and striking silhouette: a textbook example of an executive-level luxury vehicle… but, why always things by the book? Show your taste for the rebellious and your penchant for class all at the same time with a set of custom-crafted halo lights. These iconic customizations, designed by hand by the professionals at Advanced Automotive Technologies, come in a variety of fetching options. You can go with a set of classic CCFLs, available for both headlights and taillights alike. You can go with a set of long-lasting LEDs, eco-friendly and economic. You could go with dual-color option, to switch between your favorite color and a street-legal white with a button push (see your state’s laws for clarification). You can even go with all three, in essence, with our new ColorSHIFT option: it keeps the classic solid “angel eye” look and can switch between a whole slew of colors via a remote control that can be used from up to 100 feet away! Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy your time NOT “playing by the book.”