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LED Concepts™ Halo Headlights

LED Concepts LogoWithout a doubt, there is no more trusted name in the HALO headlights industry than LED Concepts™. They not only have the best guarantee in the industry but they also have the most exciting, flexible HALOs at a price point that other companies simply can't touch!

Initially, LED Concepts™ was a company formed to solve the industry's two biggest problems - the cost of HALO headlight kits and their overwhelming rate of failure. Anyone who has priced HALO headlights would have to agree that LED Concepts™ headlights are certainly more affordable than many other brands. Anyone who has installed them on their vehicle will also tell you that their headlight kits are far more reliable than the stuff other companies are putting out. In fact, LED Concepts™ is so confident in their products, they issue a LIFETIME limited warranty on all of their LED kits!

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LED Concepts™ ColorMorph Technology

After tackling the two issues of price point and reliability, LED Concepts™ set out to become the HALO headlights innovation leader, creating LED headlight kits that allow you to create thousands of lighting effects for any vehicle. Their Color Morph technology is simply the coolest thing ever, giving vehicle owners the ability to change the brightness, halo color, speed, function and many more variables. You can literally have a completely different look every single day for three years! Better still, it is all done with a remote control that can be used up to 100 feet away from your vehicle and if you have a Bluetooth Android or iPhone, you can even use that as your remote. How cool is that?

Nothing lasts forever; the resistors that power LED Halo kits are notorious for failing. With most companies' products, those resistors are located on the back of the HALO ring, meaning you have to essentially open up the lights, removing them from your vehicle, in order to perform a simple resistor replacement. LED Concepts™ thinks that is ridiculous, so they invented a better way. LED Concepts™ put their resistors in a slim Driver Box that is mounted outside of the headlights under the hood. If the resistors ever fail, replacing them is a piece of cake. Just swap the old driver box for a new one. What takes people up to an hour to do with other HALO kits takes just a few seconds with LED Concepts™ HALO headlight kits!

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, LED Concepts™ has a HALO kit that will turn your ho-hum vehicle into a nighttime badass machine. If you are looking for the coolest looking HALO headlights at the best price that are also the most reliable, there simply is no other choice than LED Concepts™. Whether it is a set of LED Concepts™ Demon Eyes or a basic set of LED HALO Rings, we've got you covered. Use the selector at the top or bottom of this page to select your make, model and vehicle year and get ready to turn your ride into the coolest one in the neighborhood!

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