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Lexus IS 300 Halo Headlights

Oracle Halo Headlights for Lexus IS 300

Does your Lexus IS300 easily get lost among all the other cars in the parking lot? If you haven't gotten around to giving a new paint job yet, you can still start making some awesome after-market modifications that will make your car much easier to find when you're ready to go and make your car more noticeable when you are driving down the interstate. One of the most popular modifications is a new Oracle Halo Kit that replaces the standard headlights that come with the IS300 to give it a truly unique appearance. Halo kits will make your headlights look like glowing eyes and make use of the latest in CCFL and LED lighting technology to give you the brilliance your standard headlights might have been lacking. They also give you the color options that you might have wanted to match your IS300's current or future paint job so that other people who share this stretch of highway will notice your vehicle for the brightly colored Halo Kit that has been made specifically for the IS300.


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