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Mini Cooper Halo Headlights

Oracle Halo Headlights for Mini Cooper

Your Mini Cooper already draws attention for its compact design and just being an all-around cool if small car. You just want to customize it a little bit and might have already given it the new paint job. Oracle Halo Kits are one of the most popular after-market modifications you can make to any vehicle. These Halo Kits are made specifically to fit your Mini Cooper and give your headlights that extra brilliance that gives that gas-hog SUV driver one less excuse for not noticing the little guy. Pick up a CCFL Halo Kit for the classic look in Halo Lights, the unbroken ring of light that led to nicknames like “Angel Eyes” and “Demon Eyes.” If you're looking for pure brilliance and the ability to switch between headlight colors, go for the LED kits that are designed to pump out more lumens per watt and, if you choose ColorSHIFT, can switch between colors with the push of a remote control button. Either option will make your Mini Cooper stand out as the cool little car with the customized headlights that can outperform any standard headlight.