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Saturn Sky Halo Headlights

Oracle Halo Headlights for Saturn Sky

The Saturn Sky is that cool convertible that you might have already given a custom paint job. Now you want to replace your standard headlights for that glowing eyes appearance you might have noticed on other vehicles. Oracle Halo Kits are the most popular customization for people just like you who want to make the Sky that much more noticeable. CCFL Halo Kits are the original version that provide the solid rings of light that popularized these kits with nicknames like “Demon Eyes” and “Angel Eyes.” They can last for up to 50,000 hours to ensure that you will have upgraded your convertible before these give out. LED kits are the newer version that can produce the light needed to cut through fog without draining your battery. You choose from several color options to get a Halo Kit that perfectly complement your new paint job for extra coolness when you’re out driving. These Halo Kits will naturally attract attention with their bright lighting and unique glowing eyes appearance.


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